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Performing and Creative Arts and Technology

PCAT Research Focus
Bill Voyce ‘Can developing oracy in KS3 boys improve their abilities as problem solvers within a school Design and Technology context’.
Elise Kefford What is the impact of technology on pupils’ learning in Music lessons ?
James Bowland How can co-operative learning/independent strategies support progress in larger classes?’
Jody Pryor Will a review of the use of intervention strategies and empirical research help engage disaffected parents with their child’s progress in an effort to narrow the gap between PP students?
Joe Morphet What is the impact of research on the effective learning of boys in GCSE PE theory lessons?
Kate Pattullo What benefit does working as an artist as well as a teacher have on classroom teaching?
Kate Proctor Do pupils have gender-biased views of Design and Technology, and how this can this be challenged in Key Stage 3?
Michelle Devine What strategies can be used to engage disaffected girls into PE?
Mike Monument How can our students benefit from developed music notation pedagogy in the classroom?
Steve Davies Does the use of visual learning resources improve knowledge attainment and increase independence in students during practical lessons in Technology?
Stuart Walters What impact will Oracy development have on verbal analysis of physical performances?
Vicky Cheshire How can lead learners influence student progress in PE lessons?

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